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Welcome to P3L

The world of International Transportation Logistics is not as complicated as one would make you believe. At least not if you have the right team working on your behalf to get you the goods in a timely and efficient manner! That is where Pegasus3 Worldwide Logistics comes in. We are tried and tested and have developed a smooth process for processing your documents so there is no delay in getting your goods. It all comes down to something very simple…communication…

We find out what your unique needs are and then we implement a procedure that works for you. If those needs change, we change with you. We understand all too well that your company’s needs are different from those of others. We never use a cookie cutter approach to any of our projects, but hand-hold your goods until they arrive safely at their final destination.

Our Mission is captured by our 3-star concept:

¬†DEPENDABILITY – our team won’t let you down. We follow your freight from start to finish so you won’t have to.¬†If we promise it, we will deliver it. If we can’t deliver it, we won’t promise it. It’s really that simple.

 EFFICIENCY Рour systems make it easy for us to easily know where your goods are without you having to spin your wheels trying to find it.

INTEGRITY – our reputation is everything to us. Whether it is with our clients or with our vendors, we are known for our upfront and honest approach to how we handle our business. We have the difficult conversations that others will either ignore or may send an e-mail to “discuss”. But that is not our style. We respect our partners too much to ever do that. We take the heat when we have to and we own up when we are in the wrong.

Let us show you how we can be of service and how we can WOW you with our attention to your needs.