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Pegasus3 Services



1. Ocean Freight – Import , export or foreign to foreign, we offer competitive rates for full container, LCL or RO/RO service.

2. Air – Import, export or foreign to foreign, we are able to move your air cargo using the most effective method based on your needs.

3. Warehousing – Anywhere in the world, help us get your goods to you and your customers efficiently. Consider a European or Asia hub where you can send goods out timely without having to lose time in ocean crossings. Keep as little or as much inventory as you need to meet client demand. We can help you set it all up.

4. Customs/TSA/Compliance – Regulations change. They change constantly and they change rapidly. It is our job to keep you informed on updates to US CBP or TSA regulations that will affect how you handle your international shipments.

5. Trucking – Our truckers have been tested and have proven themselves to be reliable. We work together with them to minimize costs and arrive on time.

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